An update!

I am not good at keeping a blog updated, in fact I’m the worst.

I have however just realised that I do have things to post about!

I have a second Raspberry Pi now! This is currently running smoke ping to log my internet connection stats, after the past few weeks have been hellish with Virgin Media, but so fair their customer support has been good.

I have a Arduino Uno now and some shields that I am playing around with at the moment. Trying to make some kind of contraption to control blinds.

Securitay 3 was great, a really awesome day and it was good to catch up with a few folks!

Yay 2014 or somthing..


Moved! (Why bother you don’t update anyway?)

Moved over to a free WordPress blog at the moment, paying for the web hosting was not worth it at all at the moment.

I was using other means to store photos and for some reason not sharing with the world so it was pointless paying for services.

However! I will be posting photos and videos more and seeing if (third time lucky) I can get in to using a blog!

Currently working on a Kerbal Space Program video and if I have time later post some older ones!