New Videos! Take a Look!

Land Rover Diaries EP3 –

Badger Simulator 2013 called Shelter! –

Take a look and share!


Quick Edit – Quite Impressed

Looking for some art to be used for my youtube channel to make it look the prettys, I found this photo. Minor adjustment of it in Photoshop’s RAW Editor yielded this result.

Perth Skyline at night

Perth Skyline at Night

My 2nd Pi is doing nothing!

Came across this awesome article on things to do with the Pi. I know alot of people have no idea what they want to do with their Pi and this has given me the idea to try making my own RPi Cloud Server.

Link to “25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi – Cnet” –

Link to the “RPi Cloud Project” –

Moved! (Why bother you don’t update anyway?)

Moved over to a free WordPress blog at the moment, paying for the web hosting was not worth it at all at the moment.

I was using other means to store photos and for some reason not sharing with the world so it was pointless paying for services.

However! I will be posting photos and videos more and seeing if (third time lucky) I can get in to using a blog!

Currently working on a Kerbal Space Program video and if I have time later post some older ones!